14 Jan 2020 _ Terça-Feira _ 19:30
Casa da Música – Sala 2

Victor Pereira Clarinete

Worten Digitópia Electrónica

Gérard Grisey Charme

Hugo Vasco Reis Dimensions I

João Pedro Oliveira Time Spell

Pierre Boulez Dialogues de l’ombre double

O título Dialogues de l’ombre double é retirado da peça teatral Le Soulier de Satin de Paul Claudel, um drama que conta a história de um amor impossível e explora os diálogos entre personagens terrestres e celestiais. A peça foi escrita em 1985 por Pierre Boulez, por ocasião do sexagésimo aniversário de outro grande compositor, Luciano Berio, e é aqui apresentada na sua versão original para clarinete e fita magnética. Igualmente de França chega-nos uma obra de juventude de Gérard Grisey que inclui excertos com sons multifónicos – dois sons simultâneos produzidos por um único instrumento de sopro. Hugo Vasco Reis e João Pedro Oliveira, figuras destacadas da composição nacional, exploram também os diálogos entre a música instrumental e a electrónica.

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Having trodden the path, or at least in part, I arrive at these Movements, a set of unique moments that impassion and challenge me. As my first solo work, I wanted this to convey a portrait of my professional career. This is not some target but rather only a stage.

This recording brings together a diversity of written trends (composition) and aesthetic conceptions that I chose as they represented significant moments on my path and my interest in creativity and the musical promotion of new pieces, aspects with which I personally identify. I wanted this to be exclusively Portuguese music out of the relevant role that this has had in my development as a musician. These are the works, due to their intrinsic movement, for the gesture that I feel and that makes me identify with each one, that are fundamental to my commitment. Others might have entered this selection and that got held over for some future work, after all, beyond the horizon the path always continues.

This work emerges from the dedication and commitment of many to whom I am duly grateful. To Carlos Lopes for all of the audio work, to Adriano Carvalho for the graphic design, and to all the composers – Alexandre Delgado, António Pinho Vargas, Daniel Moreira, Jorge Prendas, Luís Carvalho, Nuno Peixoto Pinho, Paulo Jorge Ferreira – for all of their collaboration. A special mention also goes to the GDA Foundation, to Buffet Crampon and to Vandoren for their support and Casa da Música for loaning the recording facilities.